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601, 2022

Sometimes we alI need an identity change.

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Many of the habits I strive to help people create are something or someone they have never been before. Although I can’t always relate directly to their particular struggle of health and fitness, I can relate indirectly to creating a new identity. I’ve always been an exerciser. I’ve performed physical activity essentially everyday since I was 7 years old. I’ve also always been conscious of

2509, 2020

Aspire Program 9/28-11/7

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If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak. Being weak is dangerous.’ — Bret Contreras, Sports Scientist Beginning next week, Aspire classes will be embarking on our next strength cycle. Consisting of 10 weeks of prescribed lifting, culminating with a test week during the week of December 7th. Not only are we looking to continue the amazing progress we’ve made during the last strength cycle,

2104, 2020

What has Self-Isolation taught you?

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Today via text and social media, I challenged a bunch of our gym members to write 3 positive things while you’ve been self-isolated that you would like to carry into your daily life once we resume life after COVID-19. ​Personally, I’ve taken a lot of things that I want to carry back to my “normal life.” Here are three of them: 1.Take things slower and

1402, 2020

The Majority have failed their goals already… what about you?

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​It’s February and that means 80% of you have already failed your New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe the goal was a shitty one and not that important anyway. More likely, it was something you really wanted to achieve, you just didn’t prioritize it properly and create the correct habits required for progress. So, you are already off track 6 weeks into the New Year. What should

702, 2020

Want to get Stronger?!

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As I have said before, all of us have different goals. One of us may want to compete at the sport of CrossFit, another to look good at the beach, and others be able to play sports with their kids (or all the above!). Many of us want to be stronger. Lifting heavy prevents muscle degeneration, increase anabolic hormones that burn fat and increase muscle,

402, 2020

Metrics Matter

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In Atomic Habits we encounter a story about a university photography class that was divided into two groups – one would be graded based on the number of pictures they took, and the other half graded based on one picture. The question was this – which students would take a better picture? The ones who took as many pictures as they could or the ones

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