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Do you have a hard time staying motivated? A personalized program helps you see results quickly, keeps you motivated, and creates a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Control

Have you tried everything to manage your weight, but keep gaining it back? Create a sustainable way for you to manage a healthy weight – forever!


Is it tough to find the time to workout or maintain a routine? Join a community that will help balance work, kids, and all of life’s responsibilities.


Tired of restrictive diets that are unsustainable? Learn how to eat the foods you love while losing and maintaining a healthy weight.


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Benefits & Outcomes

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From the Gym

“As a CrossFit newbie, I was super intimated to join a CrossFit gym, but felt completely at ease after meeting the amazing instructors. They introduce the exercises in layman’s terms, demonstrating proper technique and recommending modifications for those looking to start small and build upon their fitness level. The coaches are friendly and encouraging. The members are welcoming and help to foster a sense of community. Also…the gym is dog friendly which is a big morale boost.”

~ Leeann Muncy

“In over 10 years of CrossFit, this is one of the best gyms I’ve ever experienced. The coaches lead safe and effective
classes, the community is extremely supportive, and Sean (owner and head coach) leads by example. This is an awesome place to start your fitness journey, increase your fitness level, and push yourself to new limits. 10/10 recommend to anyone and everyone looking to be 1% better everyday.”

~ Sarah Durkee Feola

“I joined the Aspire family nearly 3 years ago, and it has become a second home to me. Having never stepped foot into a CrossFit gym before, intimidation led me to make assumptions. But since day one, they’ve all been quickly broken. The value in community can be felt immediately and that’s what keeps me motivated. I use the word family because that’s what it feels like here. And that feeling, combined with crushing your fitness goals, is the best feeling I can think of.”

~ Andrew Rodriguez